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Microwave and Millimeter Wave Antennas

Reflector antenna design & applications :
    Prime focus & offset paraboloidal reflectors & feeder
    Cassegrain system.
    Shaped beam antennas.
Low & medium gain Microwave antennas :
    Simple Horn.
Broad Wall / Narrow Wall linear and planar slotted waveguid arrays.

Conformal arrays.


Antennas for customized applications.

Antenna Measurements.

Product Name :
    Co-secant Squared Reflector antenna at X - band.
Features :
    X-Band shaped reflector antenna,yields co-secant squared pattern shape in elevation plane, linearly polarized, High gain (31 dBi),co-secant squared upto 40º in elevation, Azimuth beam width is 1.4º, size 1600mm x 500mm.
Applications : Navigation.

Product Name :
    Sector Coverage Antenna at L - Band.
Features :
    Electromagnetically coupled patch array antenna, Low gain (7 dBi), sectoral coverage of 40º in E-plane and 80º in H-plane, VSWR better than 1.5:1, light weight, size 255mm x 156mm x 35mm.
Applications : Communication.

: Planar Microstrip Array Antenna at S-Band :

Product Name :
    Planar Microstrip Array Antenna at S-Band.
Features :
    S-Band left hand Circularly polarized antenna, High gain (19 dBi),beam width 16ºx16º, axial ratio better than 2 dB, Broad impedance bandwidth, Electromagnetically coupled 2 layer patch array antenna, Dual frequency for transmission and reception of signal, Diplexer used at the back side to isolate Tx and Rx signal, light weight, size 400mm x 400mm x 15 mm.
Applications : Man pack satellite communication.

Product Name :
    Wide Band Antenna at L - Band.
Features :
    Linearly polarized antenna, Low gain, true hemispherical beam width, Broad impedance bandwidth,high power handling capacity, Short circular ground plane, light weight and small size.
Applications : Communication.

Product Name :
    Quadrifilar helix antenna.
Features :
    Operates at 400Mhz, narrow band-width, Circularly polarized antenna, Provides 140º beam width, VSWR better than 2:1, Compact size light weight.
Applications : Satellite Communication.

Product Name :
    Dual-band quadrifilar helix antenna at C-band.
Features :
    Beam width ~140º, Dual Band, Circularly Polarized, Light weight, Low cost, compact size.
Applications : Communication.

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Test & Measurement

: F e a t u r e s :

Microwave & millimeterwave measurements :

» Vector Network Analyzer
» Scalar Network Analyzer.
» Spectrum Analyzer.
» Power Meter.
» Phase Noise & Noise figure
» Signal Generator
» Antenna Measurement

Microwave Integrated Circuit Fabrication :

» Clean room.
» Laser pattern Generator.
» PCB Fabrication machine.
» Goldwire Bonder.
» Flip Chip Bonder.
» Die Bonder.
» Inspection Microscope.
» Profilometer.
» Weller Soldering station.

EMI/EMC Measurements :

» 3M Ferrite Tiled Shielded
   Anechoic Chamber.
» Radiated Emission test facility.
» Radiated Susceptibility test
» Magnetic Field Immunity test
» Conducted Emission test
» Electro Static disc1harge test
» Electrical Fast Transient / Burst
   test Facility.
» High Energy Surge test facility.
» Harmonics Emission test facility.
» EMI/EMC Consultancy.

[NABL Accreditation under process]

CAD Tools :

» Circuit Simulators.
» HFSS 10.1
» CST microwave studio 2006.
» ADS 2007
» Ansoft Designer 3.5
» IE3D

Mechanical CAD :

» Auto CAD.
» Inventer.
» ProE.

MIC Facility :

Precision Mechanical Fabrication Facilities :

» Lathe.
» Conventional Vertical Milling.
» CNC wire cut EDM.
» CNC Vertical Machining Centre.
» Hydraulic Surface Grinding.
» Precesion Portable Lathe.
» Double Lapping machine.

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